Every two years, the BAPH organises an annual meeting in the form of a national Symposium on Public Health. In the years between the Symposia, the BAPH organizes a thematic scientific meeting or workshop, usually in collaboration with a university.

20 January 2023 – Brussels
BAPH 2023 Meeting

25 November 2021 – Brussels
Seminar Infectious Diseases (SsID)
under the auspices of  BAPH

May 2021 – Brussels
REVES Meeting (International Network on Health Expectancies and the Disablement Process)
in cooperation with BAPH

20 February 2020 – Brussels
BAPH Public Health Afternoon
hosted at Sciensano

16 May 2019 – Brussels
Seminar Infectious Diseases (SsID) 2019 | Diagnostic and surveillance of infectious diseases
under the auspices of BAPH

29 April 2019 – Brussels
Belgian Frailty Day
Sciensano, in cooperation with BAPH

17 May 2018 – Brussels
Seminar Infectious Diseases (SsID) 2018 | Diagnostic and surveillance of infectious diseases
under the auspices of BAPH

7 June 2017 – Antwerp
Launch and inaugural session of the new epidemiology section of BAPH at the 41st WEON Conference

18 May 2017 – Brussels
Scientific Workshop on Infectious Diseases (French, Dutch)
under the auspices of BAPH

13 October 2016 – Palais des Congrés, Namur
2016 BAPH Symposium on Public Health: Big Data and Public Health
in cooperation with the Belgian Statistical Society (BSS/SBS/BVS)

20 May 2016 – ULB, Brussels
1st BAPH Public Health Afternoon
in cooperation with the Ecole de Santé Publique of the Université Libre de Bruxelles

17-18 March 2016 – Ghent, Belgium
Statistics and Big Data: Friend or Foe
special invitation to BAPH members

1 June 2015 – Brussels
Workshop on Mental Public Health and Suicide

13-16 November 2013 – Brussels
6th European Public Health Conference
in cooperation with BAPH

1 March 2013 – Brussels
Workshop on Mortality Data in Public Health Research

17 December 2010 – Brussels
Workshop on Methods in health survey research

11 December 2009 – Mons
10th Symposium Networks in Public Health: At the Crossing of Practice and Research

12 December 2008 – Brussels
Workshop on Infectious Disease Epidemiology for Decision Making