The Belgian Association of Public Health (BAPH) is a scientific, not-for-profit organization. It aims to create links, interaction and synergy for better public health practice and research. Through its dissemination and discussion fora, researchers and practitioners are networked for mutual complementarity.

Members of the BAPH are professionals working on issues that affect the community and public health, be they public health practitioners or researchers and academics. Members have ties to all Francophone and Flemish universities, and membership is also open to public health students.

The Association is open to any person who, by their work or skills, can provide effective support to the study or practice of public health.

Our Activities

Each year, the BAPH organizes or co-organizes one or more scientific events to promote public health debates based on scientific knowledge, expertise and professional experience. The BAPH also informs its members of scientific events at national and international level.

The BAPH develops a network that creates links and synergies and helps researchers and students find resources, internships, etc.

Finally, the BAPH supports publication of new articles in the journal Archives of Public Health, a scientific journal of public health linked to the association. It is an open access journal, and published articles are available in full text on the journal’s website. In addition to the APC discount provided to all BAPH members, we also organise a support to young researchers, providing an additional reimbursement of the APC.

Members of the Board

BAPH board members serve three-year terms on a rolling basis.

Brecht Devleesschauwer, President
Karin De Ridder, Treasurer
Pierre Smith, Secretary

Effective members

Sherihane Bensemmane
Johan Bilsen
Fanny Buckinx
Olivier Bruyère

Benedicte Deforche
Karin De Ridder
Brecht Devleesschauwer

Léna Frateur
Leigh Haynes
Xavier Leus
Manon Pigeolet
Pierre Smith
Veronique Tellier
Johan Van der Heyden
Guido Van Hal
Jan Verbakel

Sophie Thunus

Past Presidents

Xavier Leus, 2016-2023
Véronique Tellier, 2012-2015
Guido van Hal, 2005-2011
Marcel Kornitzer, 2003-2005
William D’Hoore, 1998-2003
Herman Van Oyen, 1994-1998
Claude Thilly, 1991-1994

Administrative information

Enterprise number: 0892.840.161
Publications in the National Gazette
Crossroads Bank for Enterprises

Bylaws (in Dutch)